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class COREBlog

COREBlog - A contents-data handler class for Weblog Product for Zope. COREBlog has Entries, comments, trackbacks in BTree. You can get contents date with some methods, like entry_items,day_entry_items. If you want to store entry data, use manage_addEntry(). Comments,Trackbacks are added via methods in Entry instance. COREBlog is also folderish class, has Zope object - DTML,Folder,Image - in it.

__module__ = __builtin__


rev_trackback_items(self, start=0, count=-1):

Return list of Trackback(reversed indexing).

rev_comment_items(self, start=0, count=-1):

Return list of Comments(reversed indexing).

get_entry(self, id):

Puglic interface for getting entry object from id, for convenience to be used in DTML


Return all category instance in list.


Return charcode setting for blogclient.

get_calendar(self, year=0, month=0, firstweekday=SUNDAY):

Reutrn calendar list. Returned list has a 7 items of dictionary ({'day':num,'entry_count':e_cnt}).

manage_deleteCategories(self, ids, REQUEST=None):

Delete Category in list(ids)

validateHTML(self, s):

Validate HTML. Remove some HTML tags.


return title of blog

rev_category_entry_items(self, category_id, start=0, count=-1, consider_moderation=1):

Return list of Entries in a category.

rev_day_entry_items(self, count=1, start_year=0, start_month=0, start_day=0):

Return list of Entry,based on date(reversed indexing).

getEntry(self, id):

Return single entry.

deleteTrackback(self, id):

Delete one trackback in id.

getMonthName(self, month):

Return month name.


Return URL string of the COREBlog. If "blog_url" on Property exists, this function return this. If not, this function returns absolute_url()

entry_items(self, start=0, count=-1, consider_moderation=1):

Return list of Entry. You can control returned list with start,count paramater. If consider_moderation is 0,this function returns all entries, including "closed" entry.

recatalogEntries(self, REQUEST=None):

Recatalog all Entries.

addCategory(self, name, description, icon_path=, sec=-1):

Add a Category.

month_archive_items(self, count=1, start_year=0, start_month=0):

Return list of a month.

removeHTML(self, s):

Remove all HTML tags.

__getitem__(self, id):

Return Entry instance.

validateEntryBody(self, s):

Remove HTML tags for Entry.

manage_editCategory(self, id, name, description, icon_path, REQUEST=None):

Edit category.

rev_entry_items(self, start=0, count=-1, consider_moderation=1):

Return list of Entry(reversed indexing).

deleteEntry(self, id):

Delete single entry.

convertCharcode(self, s, tocode):

Convert charcode.

validateCommentBody(self, s):

Remove HTML tags for Comment.

month_entry_items(self, count=1, year=0, month=0):

Return list of Entry on the month.


Receive e-mail according to Setting and add entry if need.

getCategory(self, id):

Reruth specific category instance.

category_entry_items(self, category_id, start=0, count=-1, consider_moderation=1):

Return list of Entry in a category, in reverse order.

manage_deleteEntries(self, ids, REQUEST=None):

Method to delete Entries in list(ids)


Return charcode setting in management_page_charset.

day_entry_items(self, year, month, day):

Return entries of a day.

manage_addCategory(self, name, description, icon_path=, REQUEST=None):

Add a Category,method to be called from ZMI or something.

manage_addEntry(self, author, body, extend, excerpt, main_category, moderated, sub_category=[], title=, subtitle=, entry_date=, format=0, allow_comment=0, receive_trackback=0, trackback_url=, sendnow=0, REQUEST=None, sendping=1, **kw):

Method to add a Entry object.


Return trackback charcode setting.

countEntryOfTheDay(self, year, month, day):

Return count of entry of the day.


return count of Comment.


Return count of Trackback.


Return version string for COREBlog.


manage_addCOREBlog(parent, REQUEST=None, RESPONSE=None):

Add a COREBlog to a container.